Aircraft Inspired Polymer

       - Half the weight of conventional Aluminum and Glass construction

       - Significantly higher impact strength

       - Minor scratches can be repaired in minutes

Modern Frameless Design

     - Hidden weepholes with no rubber plugs on face

       - Tinted or Clear available

       -  Single-hand operating latch offering a variety of open positions even in vertical installations

Assured Quality Performance

       -  Tens of thousands of successful test cycles on components, assembly and leak testing

       -   Temperature cycled from -40 F to +140 F

       -   100 Beta test units monitored in field conditions for over two years

Easier to Install

       -  Lighter for installer to handle

       -  Pre-gasketed for standard laminate walls - no sealer needed!

       -  One part for right, left, or vertical installation means less inventory to carry


​18 x 22" Available Immediately

30 x 20"  *Cartridge Egress Coming Soon!

        More Sizes Coming;  Tell us your needs!


Plastic injection molding