EPS foam crumbles and separates leaving frame vulnerable

EckCo Plastics shipping blocks are designed for both vinyl and stucco style windows.  

  • A standard window has a flange about mid-way through the thickness so that siding (vinyl or otherwise) can be attached on the outside.  The flange is how a carpenter attaches the window to the wood framed wall.  The purpose of the shipping block is to protect this flange while the window is sitting on the floor or in a truck. 
  • A stucco style window is put in after the stucco finish (a cement or plaster based finish) is put on the structure.  The flange in this case is not only about attachment but also cosmetic.  It is on the outboard side of the window and provides different challenges for protecting it.   The shipping block also protects this type of window from damage.

Our shipping blocks won't fall apart and grips to the window frame.  There is no more need to buy bulky foam or cardboard packaging.  These blocks nest to save you on shipping costs and the blocks are durable enough to be used multiple times to save you money. 

Blocks can be customized with your logo to advertise your product.

EckCo Plastics corner protectors are a smaller, more lightweight solution to the problem.

  • Left-hand and right-hand sides snap into the window to stay in place.
  • Protects the rear and front face of the window as well as the nail flange.

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