Plastic injection molding 



Case Studies

The EckCo Plastics team offers custom solutions for our customers who want to create something new or improve upon an "off the shelf" product.  We can take you through all stages of product development.  From design/engineering all the way through manufacturing and shipping.  We have over 100 years of combined experience in designing and manufacturing robust quality products. 

EckCo Plastics solution

Using a laser to scan the surfaces of a series of sinks made from the tool, EckCo Engineering developed a mathematical model of the best-fit surface to the sink.  This model was then integrated into the original design of the part so that key interface features were maintained.  Tooling was developed from a digital file and the resulting plastic overflows restored the assembly to the original quality and cost without the cost prohibitive replacement of the stamping tool.



A customer had a new innovative idea for an old application involving the slider panel for a recreational vehicle screen door.    The idea required significant development work and EckCo Plastics was currently supplying the industry with products in this area and had the most expertise to understand the challenges.  The customer approached EckCo with the idea and asked if they could develop an application that would meet their objectives.  


An old progressive stamping die had worn to the extent that the form of a metal bathroom sink no longer matched the mating plastic overflow.   The resulting assembly was expensive to produce and of poor quality.  The customer asked EckCo Plastics if they could manufacture an overflow that would perfectly match the sink in it’s current condition rather than do an expensive restoration of the metal stamping die.

Custom Applications

EckCo Plastics solution

EckCo Engineering brought reality to the basic idea by developing multiple parts and an assembly.  EckCo conducted statistical analysis of the customer’s manufacturing variations - both of the customer’s processes and of their related suppliers- and integrated that information into a robust design.  In recognition of the partnership between them, today the patent is shared between EckCo Plastics and their customer and the customer enjoys a quality part at a competitive price with a proprietary position.